Star Institute is an interdisciplinary participatory action research cadre, facilitated by Black culture workers cultivating the capacity (concrete and abstract reasoning) of the most underdeveloped population.

Many public school and American criminal system impacted Black youth arrive to greater confinement (detention/prison) after compulsory schooling experiences and forced arrangements devoid of the power to create and inform their educational experiences in classroom settings where dialogue sessions in small groups are better suited for reflection, analysis and the remaking of everyday lived experiences.

Star Institute collaborates with youth most confined within the domination of "official curriculum" and exclusive "expert knowledge" in support of capacity building informed by individual and collective consciousness development across a wide spectrum. To this end we aim to end the intergenerational cycle of underdevelopment, miseducation, incarceration and subsequent negative life outcomes of Black populations throughout the western hemisphere and Afrika by generating social power in order to achieve mutually desired ends including possession or control of some important or valued material and/ or social resources.